Mike and Arvada German Garage are AWESOME. Mike literally saved my car! I would have had to discard my 2003 BMW 540i when its engine failed this winter, as the cost to replace the engine through BMW would have far exceeded the cost and value of the car. Mike completely saved the car and today it runs fantastic.


It’s my belief that Mike is single handedly trying to fix the reputation caused by all the less than scrupulous auto mechanics you have ever heard of, by being amazingly detail oriented, straight up, and highly conscientious about his work, and well as delivering a cost that is much more attractive than any BMW dealer. And having been a certified dealership mechanic for 20 years, Mike has demonstrated to me that he has the training, experience, contacts, and know-how to get all kinds of jobs done right, from regular Maintenance, to modifications and major repairs.


An additional bonus is, you’ll really enjoy working with Mike from a personal prospective. Once you meet Mike and start working with him, you’ll feel like you’ve really got someone looking out for you and your car, for once !


Mike’s top notch in my book. I won’t take any of my cars anywhere else now !


I swung by to chat with the owner when I first noticed a bunch of Bimmer's parked out front. Decided to try it out when my e36 328i had some issues. Since that first visit, I won't take my car anywhere else. Mike cares, he does good work and he's not out to gorge you unlike some other "bigger" independent shops in town. Never mind the dealers.

Martin W.,

This is THE PLACE TO GO! I am a brand new BMW owner, I bought a used 325xi and it needed its 60,000 mile check-up. I came in expecting to shell out a few hundred dollars, and I left paying ZERO! The oil had already been changed by the dealer, and they took the time to look my car over, run the diagnositics, and they found it was in tip top shape and needed nothing! Mike spent almost an hour with me showing me the ins and outs of my car simply out of the kindness of his heart and his true love for BMW's. My other old faithful car is a Subaru, and I was happy to find out he works on those as well. So this is now my "one and only" repair shop for all my vehicles. Don't even think about going someplace else!

Arlene Ruddy, Designer